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About Us

Philly Cupcake was started with a vision to provide high quality gourmet cupcakes to Philadelphians and visitors in an artistic, stylish, and fun environment. The owners Johnny Columbo and Michael Lewis started the company after years of contemplating and baking together. Both owners wanted to have a major change in their lives and decided to take their knowledge and skills to birth the business. They wanted to create an enjoyable product and environment for customers, staff associates, and themselves.

Philly Cupcake opened its doors on December 15, 2009, and since that time, it has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to our loyal customers. During one of the worst recessions our nation has faced, the owners took a chance on the corner of 12th and Chestnut and transformed a dilapidated space where almost every previous business failed and turned it into a lynchpin of beauty to improve the area and attract customers who have discerning tastes.

Philly Cupcake has attracted a number of very talented individuals that bring a wealth of baking, decorating, artisan chocolatiering, and customer service experience. We have been very fortunate to develop our staff associates in a learning environment that promotes growth, artistic creativity, and opportunity. We have positions open from time to time (most often when we do a business expansion), but in general, we have associates who will be with us for years to come.

When you visit our store, you will immediately see we are not your average cupcake bakery. We have vintage turn of the century and Murano glass chandeliers, prominent flower boxes along our windows, an abundance of pink and some blue, a collection of vintage cookie jars, art that compliments our style, a fashion icon (Isabella Cupcake) in the window, and most prominently our 1970’s Victoria Secret display cases for our cupcakes. Many a girl (and a few boys) both big and small has said this is how they want their bedroom. Some men may think it’s a bit girly, but they don’t seem to mind when they are getting their cupcake fix, and it’s a great place to impress a date. This sets the stage for where the true art of the business takes place in the kitchen.

The business expanded its space down 12th Street and created an art kitchen inviting the people of Philadelphia and visitors into our kitchen so they can watch the process of creating our beautiful cupcake art. Philly Cupcake is located in what is known as the “gayborhood” of Philadelphia. As such we participate in many of the events and charities that are connected with the LGBT community. We appreciate the support we get from this community and the many other communities that enjoy our products. We have a very diverse staff and celebrate the differences.

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