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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you deliver cupcakes? What is the cost?

    We do have a delivery service that can deliver any of our products up to 200 miles away from the store. Delivery cost is determined by how far the delivery address is from the store and how much the order weighs. The cost is higher than what you would pay to have pizza or many other items delivered because the cupcakes have to be VERY carefully handled and in a temperature-controlled environment. We charge more to make sure your order is delivered as perfect as you get it when you pick it up in the store. For larger catered events which usually includes set-up, we can deliver within the city limits and some of the surrounding areas. Set up for these events is also available for an additional fee. Only basic orders can have delivery scheduled on this site. For large orders or those requiring set up, please contact the store directly and speak with one of our helpful staff.

  • Do you ship cupcakes to places outside Philadelphia?

    Unfortunately, cupcakes do not ship very well. We could freeze them like some other big cupcake companies do, however, we believe the freshness and quality of the product suffers. We bake our cupcakes daily and they are best served without having been refrigerated for a significant amount of time as this dries out the cake. We can ship many of our confections, cookies, brownies, dog treats, gifts, and other products. We have even developed a Cupcake Sandwich which can be shipped. As you look through the site, some products can be shipped and others cannot. This is plainly marked and you will not be able to add products that cannot be shipped to an order that is going to be shipped.

  • Do you cater large events/weddings?

    Yes, we fully cater any event with our cupcakes and chocolate work. For larger catered events which usually includes set-up, we can deliver within the city limits and some of the surrounding areas. Set up for these events is also available for an additional fee. Please contact us for more details.

  • Do you bake regular/big cakes?

    Yes, we proudly have a competent baking staff that can produce some very complicated and detailed work with cakes. We have many examples in pictures on this site and on our facebook page. If you find a cake you would like us to reproduce or have some ideas and want to see if it’s possible, please contact our staff by phone or email and we will work with you to make it happen.

  • Do you make eroticakes?

    Yes we do. We have done many designs for people wanting erotic themes. Please contact our staff to discuss more.

  • Do you make sweetheart cakes to go with your cupcakes for weddings?

    Yes. Please contact us for more details.

  • Can you make customized cupcakes?

    Yes. We have so many ways to customize your cupcakes to make them special. Please contact our staff to discuss your special event and what we can do for you.

  • Are you a “nut safe” bakery?

    Nuts (both peanuts and tree nuts) are used in many of the recipes for our cupcakes and confections, and as such, Philly Cupcake is not a “nut safe” kitchen. We make notes on signs, menus, and verbally give warnings for all our products that have nuts as an ingredient. It is at the buyer’s discretion if they have an allergy to nuts as to whether they would consume a product that does not have nuts as an ingredient.

  • Are you a “gluten safe” bakery?

    Much like our statement about nuts, many of our recipes call for wheat flour which contains gluten. Therefore, there is gluten in the air at Philly Cupcake. For our “gluten free” products, all equipment is washed, rinsed, and then sanitized thoroughly before making any of these products. The “gluten free” products are made fresh every day before all the other recipes that call for wheat flour. We have taken great strides to meet the needs of our customers, and we are happy that we can provide such products. It is at the buyer’s discretion if they have celiac or a gluten allergy as to whether they consume our products that do not contain wheat flour as an ingredient.

  • What is a vegan cupcake? Do they taste the same as your other cupcakes?

    Our vegan line of cupcakes are very popular both with vegans and people who have allergies to dairy products. Our vegan cupcakes are not made with any milk, eggs or butter. We have vegan staff in the kitchen who have worked to develop our vegan line. We also have some confection products which are considered vegan, like our dark chocolate covered Oreo’s® on a stick.

    Our vegan cupcakes do taste different from our regular cupcakes, however, many people claim that if they were not told it was vegan, they wouldn’t have known. Our vegan cupcakes are very popular with vegans and we have been able to keep a full line of flavors on our shelves every day (usually 4-8 different flavors). We have several staff who are not vegan and have one of the vegan flavors as their favorite. All we can say is try them and you be the judge.

    For all the vegans, we are not finished in developing different flavors for our fans.

  • What are your Pupcakes made of and are they safe for dogs?

    Our Philly Pupcakes are very popular as people want to bring home a treat for their canine family members as well as the kids or the misses/mister. The base cupcake is made of flour, eggs, peanut butter, carrots, and a very little bit of honey. The “frosting” is just mashed sweet potatoes. In general, they are made from human grade food and are safe for most dogs who do not have allergies to one of these ingredients. We do not recommend them being served to very young pups as their immune systems have not fully developed and most owners don’t know if their puppies have allergies yet. So, for puppies, stick to the food that is made for puppies. Be patient, they will get their Philly Pupcake soon enough.

  • Why don’t you refrigerate your cupcakes?

    Simple fact, refrigeration sucks out moisture. Could you keep a refrigerated cupcake moist by sealing it in an airtight container?…sure, but we don’t take that chance. It is the industry standard to not refrigerate cupcakes and keep them displayed in cases. They are baked goods and do not spoil as quickly as many other ready to eat food products.

  • Are you going to open any other stores?

    Right now, this is our only location for Philly Cupcake. We opened Philly Chocolate, our sister store, in June of 2011 on the corners of Walnut and Juniper. There is some crossover in products, and there is a limited selection of cupcakes which you can sit down and eat in our Confectionary Lounge. The company is constantly growing, and there will be some business opportunities developed in the future.

  • What about parking for your store?

    Parking in Philadelphia can be difficult with vigilant Parking Authority folk and limited on-street parking. We do not recommend that you double park or park in a handicap spot as the fines can be high.

    There are various places in our neighborhood that offer temporary parking on 12th Street just North of Chestnut on the left, and around the corner when heading west on Samson Street before coming to 12th Street. There are also several parking garages on 12th Street just South of the store and in other parts of downtown Philadelphia.